Friday, November 17, 2006

Malkin: A Student Baits the Taser?

Is Michelle Malkin serious? She has entered into the realm of satire. If an individual refuses to show identification, does she really think shooting them repeatedly with a taser is the appropriate response? At least we can agree that tasering them after they've been handcuffed is excessive, right? Please?

From what I've read, even the police agree that this man made no threats of violence and was nonviolently resisting after they tasered him. What sort of scary world would Michelle Malkin prefer to live in? Doesn't tasering people who refuse to show ID make the world less safe?

Then a police officer named Joel writes to Michelle, and it only gets more bizarre. He claims that the problem here was California-style political correctness. I guess that in liberal P.C. society, we're now politely tasering people who resist showing ID, who knew? According to Joel, it's better to "hit a person with your nightclub one time as hard as you can in the leg" instead of resorting to the gentle taser approach.

Tasers are not always non-lethal, and become much more dangerous when they're used repeatedly on someone. Tasering a person for a few seconds may be defensible in situations where they appear to pose a threat - tasering a nonviolent protester multiple times while they are physically restrained is indefensible.


Adam Durand said...

And I've been thinking more about this, why does Malkin have to turn this into a liberal vs. conservative issue? Isn't this one of those things that everyone can recognize as bad?

orzo said...

Maybe that's because she's an Ann-Coulter-wannabe FOX "News" hack who needs to cater to her angry Neocon audience.