Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Some Quotes About Me!

I've been reading some court records from my trial last year - the best quotes are in confidential documents, but here are some in the public record:

"It is my hope that your State Legislature will some day pass the necessary legislation to further deter criminal conduct such as yours." - The Honorable Dennis M. Kehoe, Wayne County Court, addressing me at sentencing

"Every consumer owes a debt of gratitude to Adam Durand and other activists who are doing the government's work for them by exposing the cruelties of modern factory farms. They are also doing the work of Gandhi and King, educating the nation to injustice, oppression and, in this case, the cruelties of modern farms, cruelties that all kind people oppose." - Bruce Friedrich, Vice President of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

". . . [Adam Durand] envisions himself on a personal jihad wherein his beliefs supersede the rule of law." - Christopher D. Thomas, Nixon Peabody LLP, Counsel for Wegmans

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