Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tumblr is fun, but not playing well with

I've set up a tumblelog at and so far it's been fun to use. I haven't told anyone about it yet because I'm really quite a private person, and figure if someone really wants to find it they will.

Tumblr's service is very cool - it lets you add RSS Feeds to your tumblelog, automatically adding your Twitter posts or links as you publish them.

But for some reason, Tumblr is not playing well with my account at the moment. It gives me an error, There was a problem importing this feed., each time it imports the first link in my feed. Tumblr can find your feed if you only tell it your username, but I've tried adding the RSS feed from manually, and I get the same result.

I haven't seen too much mention of this from other users, though one user, Kristian Cee, mentions some similar erratic behavior.

I like the idea and implementation of Tumblr, but if this problem persists the frustration might drive me away.

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